Welfare by Seita-säätiö

All our clients come to Seita-säätiö through a collaboration between the client, Seita-säätiö and other parts such as Social work and the employment Office. The lenght of the period spent at Seita-säätiö varies. Usually it is from three months to twelwe months. For example may some of our young clients spend 6 months at the foundation and then move on to vocational studies or work. But for some individuals the period at Seita-säätiö may last longer, up to two years and six months. The duration is individual, as well as the goals and plans for the period.


Eight workshops

Seita-säätiö consists of eight workshops in different professional fields. Each of them is led by a trained coach who tutor and support the client in various tasks. Usually the client will choose one of the workshops to work in, some clients try many different workshops. In addition to the coach in the workshop the client will get individual help and tutoring from an individual coach outside the workshop. For most of our clients the most important goals during the time spent on Seita-säätiö is to find a job or a place to study in a field of interest in the near future and to improve life management skills. Others need just a place to regularly go to during the days and to get social contacts until moving on to full time studying or working. Studying and employment issues are very important issues especially for clients under the age of 29. A third of all clients are young people and about 60 % of them are male.


All of the eight workshops support studying and act as working and learning environments. Six of the workshops make it possible to complete parts of a vocational degree or undergraduate studies.

The eight workshops are

  •  ICT and Media
  •  Café Andreas
  •  Ecological terminal / Recycling
  •  Home maintenance
  •  Transport
  •  Arts and handikrafts
  •  Woodwork
  •  Food distribution


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