Supported studying

The outline of the subjects in a course of study or a curriculum can be transformed into smaller components and practical tasks to help a person get through vocational studies. The client's skills and performance will be viewed and observed in one of Seita-säätiös workshops. Seita-säätiö collaborates with vocational academys and schools.

The goal of this service is to facilitate the path of the client to get a professional degree at some point. For example may some subjects and modules be adapted to the clients learning style and performed at Seita-säätiö's workshops. It is also important to support the client's self-esteem so that she/he could feel confident and realize that it is possible to learn new things. Many of our clients have failed in their studies for various reasons before coming to Seita-säätiö and the goal is to reverse the negative pattern.

Supported studying is a collaboration between a vocational school, Seita-säätiö and the client/student. The competence and performance of the client will be observed and recognized at one of Seita-säätiö's workshop by a trained coach. The vocational institute/school will stand for the evaluation. The school also stands for adapting and accepting the performances as parts of a school degree.

If desired, the client will also get a certificate of competence for his/her performance and accomplishments at Seita-säätiö. This certificat is not a school degree but it is a detailed diploma of the client's accomplishments and attainments that have been observed by the coaches at Seita-säätiö.