Seita-säätiö in general

General information

The foundation was established and registered in 13 March 2006 by the municipality of Sodankylä. Seita-säätiö is an Employment care unit, i.e. its main function is to provide employment services especially in the Sodankylä region. The foundation consists of eight workshops that offer training, rehabilitating, activating and work practising services for groups and individuals.


The main goal of all services is to shorten the client's unemployment time and to increase life management skills. Other equally important functions of Seita-säätiö are to improve workmanship through work practice in some of the eight workshops, to offer meaningful daily activities for specific individuals or groups and to give information of career choices and education. Seita-säätiö's personnel helps the client in issues related to work and studying trying to enhance the individuals chances to get employed in the near future.


Seita-säätiö's goal is to find tools for the individual in facing demands in life. These demands may consist of difficulties in managing daily life routines, problems in finding and recognizing own skills and difficulties in studying or working.