Rehabilitative work experience


The goal is to help the rehabilitee find a way back to work or education or to take part in other employment gaining measures.


Rehabilitative work experience contains

  • Setting up goals and making follow-up plans

  • Visits at local enterprises

  • Job seeking instructions

  • Opportunities to physical excercise

  • Health advice

  • Customized tasks

  • Basic knowledge of the ground rules in working life

  • Individual tutoring

Target group

Rehabilitative work experience is targeted for people who has difficulties in finding a job suitable to their own skills, performance, health condition and life situation. The client who is suitable for this type of service has to first make an activation plan in collaboration with Labor Administration / the Employment Office and Social Services.

Duration and benefits

The first contract is usually a three month period. After that it is possible to make new contracts up to 11 months. The amount of working hours per day and working days per week are set individually. The client will get a free lunch plus coffee or tea twice a day for each working/participation day. The client will also get unemployment benefit or income support/social assistance plus a daily allowance (9 €/day) during rehabilitative work experience.