Individual coaching

In addition to improve workmanship and job skills the goal is to support the client in managing his or her daily life in a whole. This often include making new plans for the future. The client will together with the coach consider different options in terms of career and education.


The coach faces the client as equal. Goals for the period spent at Seita-säätiö will be made together by the coach and the client after joint discussions. The whole situation of the client will be surveyed in order to find the best ways for the client to move forward in everyday life and working life. The individual tutoring and work practice in Seita-säätiö are methods that both support one another. The plans and goals will regularly be checked and updated during the period spent at Seita-säätiö.


The individual coach will together with the client try to solve the client's problems in the daily life and studying and working issues. The client will be helped to get access to further supporting measures if necessary. Seita-säätiö works in collaboration with Social Services, Health Services, Employment and Educational Services.