Group coaching

Seita-säätiö provides regularly many types of services for groups. Some groups meet weekly throughout the year, others according to agreement. The purpose of group services and activities are similar to the indivual coaching – to support people in various life situations, increase life management skills, improve the client's self-esteem and well-being. The groups may for example explore local opportunities for recreation or visit vocational schools and enterprises together.


The services given to groups by Seita-säätiö include for example career coaching classes for unemployed people or people in need of educational or occupational advices. Other services for groups include computer training classes to improve ICT-skills, financial and debt counseling, trips and outdoor activities and visits to local enterprises and happenings. One of the leading ideas of Seita-säätiö is doing things together. Everyone is encouraged to be active and to take part in shared trips, productions and exhibitions. Seita-säätiö makes two all-day outdoor trips to the surrounding nature every year and participates annually in the military oath taking event and in the Midnight Sun Film Festival arrangements. In addition to these Seita-säätiö makes several smaller trips and visits to interesting events in the Sodankylä area and sometimes even outside Sodankylä.