Employment gaining vocational rehabilitation

Target group

This service is intended for people in need of individual tutoring and support when considering suitable occupation or education alternatives. The client may have health problems or a complex overall situation that makes it difficult to find employment or to start or get through studies. The coach will together with the client try to enhance the client's chances to get back to the labor market either to a full-time or a part-time job or to start a business. Specific needs for further education will also be explored together with the coach, the client and Kela (The Social Insurance Institution).

Selection Criteria

The rehabilitee must have a valid medical certificate of his/her current state of health from a doctor. This must include a statement and an evaluation of the factors that may influence and impair the clients ability to work or study. The client's current health and life situation must however be good enough to carry out work practice in a real workplace outside Seita-säätiö.


There are 3 alternative service options to choose from:

  • Work practice (duration 3-6 months). Can be extended with job training. The goal is to find out what kind of work the client may be suitable for or what field he/she should begin to study. The coach will help the client in considering different options and in finding a workplace. 

  • Job training (individual duration from 3 to 21 months). Job training is an option when the client already knows what he/she would like to work with and what kind of work he/she is suitable for. The coach will help the client in finding a place for job training or, if possible, in finding a real job with a salary.

  • Work practice + job training (duration 6-26 months). This option is ideal for clients who need a lot of support and tutoring from the coach. The client may be very uncertain about his/her skills, suitability and interests in terms of working life and studying.

This service is organized and financed by Kela. Kela also pays financial benefits to the rehabilitee. More specific information about this service and its contents is given by Kela’s offices and website.